Write Here SCRIBO – Tropea



Write Here SCRIBO Tropea

We will have full availability of nibs by January.

The Write Here SCRIBO Tropea is our fourth colour of our very own SCRIBO pen.  It is a substantial pen in an attractive pearlescent purple / red coloured resin.  A true piston filler – capacity about 1.8ml – it’s uncluttered lines are quietly satisfying, any noise being generated by the colour.

Using Scrittura Bolognese’s 14ct and 18ct gold nibs, the Write Here SCRIBO Tropea offers a supremely satisfying writing experience, whether the soft and responsive 18ct nib or the superb 14ct Flex nib.  It is a big pen, but seems to work for all hands.  

The name derives from the colour.  It suggested something autumnal to us, mists and mellow fruitfulness and so on, and initially thought plum.  I love plums (greengages especially.) But a trip to the market showed that it wasn’t quite the  right colour.  Then I saw a display of red onions that looked just perfect..  Red Onion is Cippola Rossa in Italian, which I thought was a great name.  I got back to Luca and Elena in Bologna who weren’t so keen  However, Luca, a fan of red onions, told me that the best and sweetest red onions come from Tropea, on the upper part of the boot of Italy – Calabria.  They are so sweet you can eat them like an apple!  So the name should really be the “Cipolla Rossa Di Tropea” – a bit too long, so Tropea it is.

Anyway, it’s a lovely colour with deep pearlescence and delivers the sweetest possible writing experience.  It celebrates two of the many things Italians are so good at – food and luxury fountain pens. 

The Write Here SCRIBO Tropea will add a great new flavour to your writing!


Write Here Tropea

Length (closed): 144mm
Length (pen only): 133.5mm
Length (posted): N/A

Diameter (cap): 16mm
Diameter (body): 15mm
Diameter (section): 11mm

Weight (complete, empty): 34g
Weight (pen, empty): 19g
Weight (cap): 15g

Filler: Screw piston filler