Write Here SCRIBO 3

The Write Here SCRIBO 3 fountain pen is the third iteration of this exclusive collaboration between Write Here Pens of Shrewsbury and Scrittura Bolognese, the new pen manufacturers that arose from the ashes of OMAS when that company failed.

The Write Here SCRIBO 3 is made of a beautiful blue pearlescent acrylic resin.  It is a piston filler, holding about 1.8 ml of ink. The nibs are either the magnificent 14 ct Extra Flessible or the soft and sumptuous 18ct, both in  gold.  The nibs are identical to the OMAS OM81.

Each colour of the Write Here SCRIBO is limited to 50.

Weights & Measurements: Write Here SCRIBO 3 Fountain  Pen Length (closed): 144mm Length (pen only): 133.5mm Length (posted): N/A Diameter (cap): 16mm Diameter (body): 15mm Diameter (section): 11mm Weight (complete, empty): 34g Weight (pen, empty): 19g Weight (cap): 15g Filler: Screw piston filler


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