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The SCRIBO Fountain Pen was created for Write Here in the great tradition of Bologna pen making. Using modern technology and the finest materials, SCRIBO recreates the feel of the very best of Italian pen making.  Scrittura Bolognese - SCRIBO - is a company formed by former employees of OMAS, which sadly closed in 2015.

The SCRIBO "Write Here" is a substantial pen, weighing 34 grams with cap on, 19 grams pen only. It is nearly six inches long capped, 5 1/4 pen only - it has satisfying heft.

The nib will feel familiar: the 18 carat nib is soft, smooth and entirely pleasurable to use, the 14 carat flex nib is of outstanding character.

The cap and nib (on the 18 carat nib) are embellished with Write Here's fountain pen nib emblem, and the piston end ring enlivens the grey material with our lime green highlight.

Write Here is the sole UK stockist of SCRIBO pens.  Only fifty of these pens will be made.


Weights & Measurements: SCRIBO Write Here Pen

Length (closed): 144mm
Length (pen only): 133.5mm
Length (posted): N/A

Diameter (cap): 16mm
Diameter (body): 15mm
Diameter (section): 11mm

Weight (complete, empty): 34g
Weight (pen, empty): 19g
Weight (cap): 15g

Filling Mechanism: Differential Piston filler