Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel Fountain Pen CT

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Waterman Hemisphere Stainless Steel Fountain Pen CT

The Waterman Hemisphere fountain pen is simple, but elegant, especially in the brushed steel finish. Although the body of the pen may be slim, it is balanced and weighty enough to allow serious writing. As with all Waterman pens, it gives a smooth and even flow of ink, with no slow starting or skipping.

The brushed metallic body, the black section and the chrome trim trim gives this pen a sophisticated finish that is matched by its usability.

The pen is made of turned and polished brass underneath the lacquer, which gives even such a slim pen a decent weight, especially with the cap posted.

Length - Pen: 121mm Length - Closed: 138mm Length - Posted: 151mm Diameter - Barrel: 10mm Diameter - Section: 7mm Weight - Total: 20g Weight - Pen: 12g Weight - Cap: 8g Nib - Medium Ink: Cartridge (1.3ml); Converter (0.5ml)


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