Waterman Hemisphere Black Fountain Pen CT



Waterman Hemisphere Black Fountain Pen CT

This Waterman fountain pen is slim, dark and sophisticated. As with all Waterman pens, the pen gives a smooth and even flow of ink, with no slow starting or skipping.

The combination of the black body and section with the silver trim gives this pen a dignified appearance that, despite its slim body, is matched with its comfort of use..

The pen is made of turned and polished brass underneath the lacquer, which gives even such a slim pen a decent weight, especially with the cap posted.

Length - Pen: 121mm Length - Closed: 138mm Length - Posted: 151mm Diameter - Barrel: 10mm Diameter - Section: 7mm Weight - Total: 20g Weight - Pen: 12g Weight - Cap: 8g Nib - Medium Ink: Cartridge (1.3ml); Converter (0.5ml)


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