Waterman Expert Black Fountain Pen CT

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Write Here presents the Waterman Expert fountain pen in this sophisticated black lacquered finish. Waterman themselves say that the silhouette of this pen is based on a cigar. The elegant steel nib gives a smooth and effortless writing experience.

The trim on this pen is polished palladium, which contrasts beautifully with the black lacquer of the body.

The pen is made of turned and polished brass underneath the lacquer and gold trim, which gives it a dignified weight, especially with the cap posted. The pen is equally balanced with or without the cap.

Waterman Expert Black Fountain Pen CT - Dimensions: Length - Pen: 123mm Length - Closed: 139mm Length - Posted: 145mm Diameter - Barrel: 11mm Diameter - Section: 8mm Weight - Total: 31g Weight - Pen: 20g Weight - Cap: 11g Ink: Cartridge (1.3ml); Converter (0.5ml).


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