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The Visconti Watermark Demo fountain pen is another fine example of Visconti's excellence in the production of demonstrator pens. The main structure of the pen's body and cap are transparent lacquer, as with all 'demonstrators', but in this case surrounded by a filigree of 925 Sterling Silver, coated with a fine layer of Palladium to inhibit blackening of the silver when handled.

The pattern cut into the filigree of silver is Visconti's own trademark, repeated down the length of the pen - said by some thus to be a 'watermark' of the manufacturer, but at Write Here we feel that the name also comes from the ripple effect that comes from the alternation of silver and transparent. This is particularly true if you see the empty pen, with its cap posted, against the light, when the Watermark Demo resembles a glimpse of sunlight on rippling water.

The silver overlay of the beautiful, luxury pen, appears sharp when seen in photographs - particularly the serifs - but this is not the case. It is smooth, and a delight to hold. The delightful writing instrument is shown in the photograph above with the cap posted to show the complete effect, but many may find that they prefer writing with the cap removed.

The Watermark uses Visconti's double-reservoir power filling system - something that becomes fascinatingly apparent in a demonstrator of this quality.

The pen is made in Italy, so it of course has the trademark Ponte Vecchio arched clip that is one of Visconti's craft marks. It is also has the removable cap finial to allow for Visconti's "My Pen" system. It is dispatched in a splendid presentation box with the Visconti booklet, lifetime guarantee, and limited edition certificate.

The Watermark Demo fountain pen is produced with Visconti's ornately-engraved 23 carat Palladium Dreamtouch nib, which is available in Fine, Medium, and Broad. A Stub nib is also available, at an extra cost.


Please allow 4 to 7 days for dispatch.

Features: Visconti Watermark Demo Fountain Pen

Filler: Double Reservoir Power Filler Filling System
Ink: 1.5ml

Nib: 23Kt. Palladium Dreamtouch nib