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For 2018, Visconti are producing the beautiful new Vertigo fountain pen that features a wonderful swirling pattern in a chosen pearlescent colour and black. Though based on the much-loved Opera shape, these pens are a completely new departure in terms of the use of materials.

Available in a variety of colours, the Visconti Vertigo Fountain Pen is made from a tough and durable, though light, resin and features palladium-plated trim, including the cowl at the end of the barrel, the broad cap band and the trade-mark Ponte Vecchio bridge clip, sprung to keep the pen securely in place in packet or bag. The cap of the Visconti Vertigo fountain pen has a magnetic lock.

Note that, whichever colour scheme is chosen, the process of adding the resins to the mold mean that no two of these pens are alike.

As medium-range pens go, this is a fantastic option from the Visconti range. The vibrant pearl resin, contrasted with the lustrous black and separated from it with a fine-silver-grey line, is another triumph of Visconti's mastery of patterned resin, while the finish offers a level of opulence far above this price range. The Visconti Vertigo Fountain Pen really should be in your collection, particularly when you consider the brilliance of the design and inclusion of a very high quality steel nib.

The Visconti Vertigo Fountain Pen comes with a cartridge converter and is available with either the A66 small steel nib, or a gold and steel nib, in Fine, Medium or Broad.

Measurements: Visconti Vertigo Fountain Pen

Length - pen only: 124mm
Length - closed: 140mm
Length - posted: 160mm

Diameter - barrel (across curved faces): 14mm
Diameter - barrel (across flat faces): 12.5mm
Diameter - section (mid-point): 10mm

Weight - complete: 40g
Weight - pen: 24g
Weight - cap: 16g