Visconti Torpedo Fountain Pen

Skeleton nib
Visconti Torpedo Fountain Pen-10184
Steel skeleton nib
Visconti Torpedo Fountain Pen-0
Skeleton nib
Visconti Torpedo Fountain Pen-10184
Steel skeleton nib


The Visconti Torpedo fountain pen is part of a new family of limited edition pens that are due to arrive from Visconti in May / June 2018.

These are oversized fountain pens, so are large and comfortably solid in the hand. The Visconti Torpedo Fountain pen is made from uni-directional carbon fibre, so it is unbelievably tough – though it would be surely a shame to treat such a luxury writing instrument in this way! The filigree decoration around the pen barrel is of palladium-plated steel, and despite its slightly raised appearance, the pen is very smooth to handle. The accompaniments to this fountain pen are also palladium plated, and comprise the section and the fiinial of the pen barrel, and the sprung “Ponte Vecchio” arched bridge clip, and the wide waist-band of the cap. The clip is of Visconti’s “2L” style, with black ceramic detailing to highlight the company name.
The style of the Visconti Torpedo fountain pen says definitely that it is made in Italy, with the smooth curves of the filigree decoration and the “industrial” faceted cowls on the cap and pen barrel.

The Visconti Torpedo fountain pen features their unique double-reservoir power-filler. It is supplied either with Visconti’s innovative new ‘Skeleton’ tubular steel nib, or with the beautifully-engraved 23kt palladium ‘DreamTouch’ nib. Both nibs are available in Fine, Medium and Broad, and Exftra-Fine and 1.3 Stub, though there is an extra cost for these last two.

Dimensions: Visconti Torpedo Fountain Pen

Length - pen only: 132mm Length - closed: 146mm Length - posted: 171mm

Diameter - barrel: 18mm Diameter - section: 11mm

Weight - complete: 43g Weight - pen only: 22.5g Weight - cap: 20.5g

Filler: Cartridge / converter. Ink: 1.5ml

Nib: Visconti Steel Skeleton nib or 23Kt. Palladium Dreamtouch nib


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