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Visconti Van Gogh Impressionist Collection

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Created by the revered Florentine pen manufacturer, the Visconti Van Gough range of pens, pencils, rollerballs and ballpoint pens will be a stunning addition to any collection.


Inspired by Van Gogh's most celebrated paintings, these writing instruments reflect the beauty, colour and style seen in some of the world’s most famous works of art. They include the Self Portrait, Sunflowers, Irises, Starry Night, Pollard Willows, a Pair of Shoes and Vincent’s Chair.


Visconti have achieved the remarkably familiar styles of Van Gogh’s brilliant work by painstakingly creating resin mixes that are homage to the paintings themselves. If you pick up a Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen, you instantly know its heritage runs direct from the Dutch Master to the Florentine Pen Maker.


No two pens in this collection are the same. This is due to the way entirely natural vegetal resins are mixed to create natural variations in colour and patterns, thus making every singly pen unique.


Those who choose to buy Visconti Van Gogh pens are also treated to wonderful presentations boxes. Triangular wedge-shaped, the on inside of Van Gogh pen boxes the painting which inspired it is reproduced


Flip open the lid (which is embossed with the Visconti logo and their slogan - ‘The Writing Renaissance’), and you’re treated instantly to a copy of the painting that has inspired your choice of pen on the inside of the box lid. The pen itself is held securely in place via a single loop.


Buy a Visconti Van Gogh pencil, a Visconti Van Gogh rollerball or a Visconti Van Gogh ballpoint pen and you’re treated to design touches that extend far beyond the painter’s influences. On the fountain pens, for instance, the swirling resin design encases a faceted barrel and cap with eighteen faces. Arch clip features the unmistakeable Visconti logo, and chrome coloured caps display the name of the writing implement.


Chrome grip sections, beautiful, Visconti logo-adorned stainless steel nibs and magnetic  caps finish of what is a superbly functional yet striking pen.


Since 2004, Write Here has been selling Visconti Van Gogh Pens UK enthusiasts and professionals travel far and wide to view and buy in our Shrewsbury High Street store. However, if you’re wondering where to buy Visconti Van Gogh pens online, you can browse the full range within these very pages.


Made in Italy and inspired by one of the most famous artists of all time, this is a range of writing instruments that every enthusiast should consider adding to their collection. Equally, the fabulous presentation box makes for a wonderful gift for that special person