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Visconti Medici Pens

Visconti’s home is in Florence – Firenze – and this gloriously-coloured family of pens is produced in honour of one of that lovely city’s most famous families – the Medicis.

The Medici range of pens are created with an eight-sided barrel (and cap, for the fountain pen and the rollerball) that emulates the baptistry of the famous Duomo with which the Medici family were so closely associated.

Visconti Medici pens are in a new material called ‘Acrosilk’, a mixture of Acrylic resin and silk fibres that gives a delightfully smooth and – well – silky finish that shows off the beautiful briar pattern in shades of gold and brown to best advantage.

The Visconti Medici fountain pen and rollerball are, like the Divina family before them, designed around the Golden Number, or Divine Proportion, of 1.618-to-1.