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Visconti have previously shown themselves experts at filigree pens - the 'Uffizi' springs to mind - but in the Visconti Watermark Demo fountain pen and rollerball they have excelled themselves. The business part of the body is, of course, clear lacquer, but it is wrapped in a fretwork of 925 (that is, 92.5% pure) sterling silver that Visconti's craftsmen (sorry, craftspersons) have created from a solid tube. The pattern in the filigree is of Visconti's own logo repeated down the barrel, which is said to give rise to the name "Watermark", but we think that if you post the cap on the empty pen and look at it against the light, the "Watermark" term could much more easily apply to the ripple effect of the silver and the clear lacquer, which does so resemble sunshine on rippling water.

You need not worry that the silver will tarnish with handling; the Visconti Watermark Demo's metalwork is coated in a very fine layer of Palladium, to prevent just that. Nor need you worry about the serifs in the design snagging on clothing or skin - despite the sharp-edged appearance, this pen is a beauty to hold.

This truly is a luxury pen in the finest traditions of Visconti's Special Editions, and one that all lovers of demo pens will want to have in their collection.

Visconti are producing the Watermark Demo in fountain pen and rollerball only, and production of each will be limited to 888 of each.