Visconti Opera Metal Silver Shadow Fountain Pen

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Silver Shadow
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The Visconti Opera Metal Silver Shadow Fountain Pen is a more modern (2015) twist on Visconti’s classic Opera fountain pen that originated in 2003 and used acrylics, resin or celluloids. The Opera Metal series is made of a type of aluminium known as “2017” or “Avional” which, as the latter name suggests, is often used in the aeronautics industry for parts that need to be lightweight, but will also be placed under a fair bit of stress. Avional is easy to form and makes a very nice pen body, which in this case features the unique Visconti “Squaring the Circle” cross-section – imagine a circle with four flattened sides (or an octagon in which every other face is rounded) – and has a twist-lock mechanism to keep the cap securely in place when closed. The cap attaches to the barrel using Visconti’s patented “hook safe latch system.” The spring-loaded cap is removed by pressing down and rotating it about ¼ of a turn. Under the cap, there is a sloping step-down from the barrel to the section, the tracks for the hook safe latches, and then a short avional section in the pen’s accent colour.

Visconti have incorporated their Chromium 18 Smartouch™ nib. The tubular nib wraps around the feed and helps to keep the pen from drying out. The tip of the nib is bent up slightly to help counteract the effect of the shape of its body. The nib is available in Fine, Medium and Broad.

When open, placing the cap on the end of the pen makes a long writing instrument that feels solid in the hand.

The Opera Metal Fountain Pen comes in five different finishes: Silver Shadow, Speedboat, Monza, Roadster and Total Black.

Dimensions: Visconti Opera Metal Silver Shadow Fountain Pen

Length (pen only): 131mm Length (capped): 146mm Length (posted): 176mm

Diameter (across rounds): 15mm Diameter (across flats): 13.5mm Diameter (section): 11mm

Weight (complete): 42g Weight (pen): 27g Weight (cap): 15g

Ink: Visconti twist-fill captured converter


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