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Visconti Divina Elegance Green Oversized Fountain Pen

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The Visconti Divina Elegance fountain pen is a pen of divine proportions - quite literally.The "Golden Number" (or Divine section) applies to any pair of dimensions where the ratio of the shorter dimension to the longer is the same as the ratio of the longer dimension to the sum of the two. Whatever. The answer is, of course, 1.618, and an irrational number that has been fascinating mathematicians since Euclid's time, but also appears in nature, and has been used by architects since the ancient Greeks, who have understood that a room with dimensions in this ration feels somehow "right". The Divina Elegance fountain pen continues this ancient fascination, as the body of the pen is 1.618 times the length of the cap. And it looks right.

The cap and body of these pens are decorated by glorious spirals of bronze that match up perfectly whether the pen in closed or the cap is posted; in common with the Homo Sapiens series, the Divina Elegance use the Visconti Hook-and-Lock system to keep the cap safely on, and it is impossible to attach the cap with the spirals misaligned!

This is not a light pen, but it is so wonderfully balanced that the weight does not become an issue when writing. Some may find that posting the cap (which is more than a third of the total weight) may throw out the balance for them - aligned spirals or not.

Is this pen beautiful? Well, yes. I'm thinking of asking my boss to keep my wages back for a couple of months (well, four or five), so that I can afford it.
Is it worth more than food, lighting and heating? If you hold one of these pens, you'll see what I mean.

The Divina Elegance is indeed an elegant writing instrument, with a style that proclaims that it was designed and made in Italy. As with all Visconti pens, it features Ponte Vecchio bridge clip.

The Divina range of fountain pens are supplied with the beautifully-engraved 23kt Palladium 'DreamTouch' nib, available in Fine, Medium, and Broad, and 1.3 Stub. There is an additional charge for the stub nib

Please allow us a week to send you this glorious pen.

Visconti Divina Elegance Green Oversized Fountain Pen - Dimensions:

Length (pen only): 138mm
Length (closed): 152mm
Length (posted): 175mm

Diameter (barrel): 14mm
Diameter (section): 11.5mm

Weight (complete): 41g
Weight (pen): 25g
Weight (cap): 16g

Ink: Bottled ink - Visconti "pull-and-twist" filler - 1.1ml capacity