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The TWSBI Vac 20A Ink Bottle is a handy portable plastic inkwell designed around the TWSBI Vac fountain pen ranges. The neck allows both the 700 series and Mini vacs to be screwed in for super secure filling'

There are two threads in the neck of the bottle letting your Vac 700 or Vac Mini pen screw in, forming a tight seal. To fill the VAC Mini's, unscrew the coloured part of the cap, to reveal a screw thread by which to attach your pen. If you unscrew the grey knurled section, this reveals a larger screw thread which will take your Vac 700 and 700 r. Tip the pen and bottle upside-down together, and operate the pen's filling mechanism, to fill the whole barrel with ink. It can all be done on the move, and with no mess, so you can keep writing and writing.

Available with a variety of cap colours to allow distinction between the inks stored within - great for those who have lots of inks on the go at once!

Supplied as an empty inkwell, so you will need to fill these inkwells with bottled ink. We recommend using Diamine Ink, for their wide range of colours, but any fountain pen inks will work well.

After 40 plus years as an OEM manufacturer for different global brands, Ta Shin Precision decided to start selling under their own brand, and thus TWSBI was born.
TaShin Precision has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing with plastics and metals. Early products ranged from toy lego parts to high end writing instruments. This knowledge trickles down into every product TWSBI has to offer.