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The TWSBI GO fountain pen is a radical new departure for TWSBI, with a completely new filler system.

Like so many of TWSBI's superb pens, the TWSBI GO fountain pen is a demonstrator, allowing one to see the inner workings - and what unusual workings they are! The ink reservoir is inside part of the section as well as the barrel (rather than being the barrel itself), which needs to be unscrewed to fill the pen. The obvious innovation is the spring that is also inside the barrel, which holds the plunger at the top of the reservoir - unscrew the barrel, place the nib in the ink bottle, push down the plunger, and the spring does the rest. If you have a look at TWSBI's video, below, it's really quite spectacular.

Another difference from previous pens from this manufacturer is the cap - whereas TWSBI's pens have always been screw-fitted, the cap on the TWSBI GO fountain pen is push-on.

The TWSBI GO fountain pen will be fitted with Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub 1.1mm nibs, made as usual by Jowo. This is truly a unique pen from TWSBI, and will be available from Monday, 15th August 2018

Pre-order it from Write Here now, either on-line or from our shop in Shrewsbury, in the UK and we will ship as soon as TWSBI release it.

Details - TWSBI GO Fountain Pen


Filling system: New sprung filler system