TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple Fountain Pen Open
TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple Fountain Pen Closed
TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple Fountain Pen Open



TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple is one of our favourite piston filling fountain pen for under £35.00

The TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple is the new Special Edition of the ubiquious and popular TWSBI ECO fountain pen. It is a series of pens that turned the fountain pen world upside down when it arrived – a piston filler that did not compromise on quality, featured an excellent German nib in five sizes and even allowed you to disassemble it to lubricate the piston.  But beware – whilst reassembly is eminently possible, it can be a bit challenging first time.

But enough about that.  The TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple features a delightful transparent purple cap and knob.  The barrel and section are made of clear acrylic material, so you can see the black piston, labyrinth amd nib clearly but, best of all, the ink!

The cap features a sturdy clip and the cap band is engraved with TWSBI on one side and Eco Taiwan on the other.

But I guess I don’t need to tell most of you this, as you already own at least one TWSBI Eco!

TWSBI ECO Transparent Purple Dimensions: Weight (Empty) 20.83 gm Weight (Cap) 8.65 gm Weight (pen) 12.18 gm Length (Capped) 13.9 cm Length (Open) 13.3 cm


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