TWSBI Eco Trans Blue
TWSBI Eco Trans Blue



The TWSBI TRANSPARENT BLUE based on the enduringly popular ECO series, it features a transparent blue cap and knob. We are happy to accept pre-orders, but please note that they will not be delivered until 20th September at the earliest.  Please also note that if this pen is ordered with other items, the whole order will be shipped with the TWSBI TRANSPARENT BLUE.

Although inexpensive, there is nothing cheap about this excellent piston filling fountain pen.  At this price, you’ll struggle to find another piston-filler fountain pen that is quite so economical. Featuring TWSBI’s renowned attention to detail and fabulous build quality, the TWSBI ECO TRANSPARENT BLUE fountain pen will surely be as highly regarded as is predecessors.

You will enjoy the top quality German iridium tipped nib from JOWO, available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1 stub.

The TWSBI Eco TRANSPARENT BLUE fountain pen’s dimensions are just a 12.8mm body diameter and 9.1mm grip diameter. It’s light, easily storable and glides effortlessly across the page. Styling is still as admirably simple as the original elegant TWSBI ECO, but now we have another colour to choose from – TRANSPARENT BLUE. This is still a demonstrator pen, which essentially means its body is transparent. ‘Demonstrators’ get their name because writing instruments like the TWSBI Eco TRANSPARENT BLUE fountain pen were originally used to tempt potential trade buyers by revealing the inner workings of the pen. Now, the transparency is a feature, and enables users to see inside the barrel and easily view how much ink is left, thus ensuring they’re never caught short (if you’ll pardon the expression). It’s also rather fun.

Write Here has been a supplier of quality fountain pens since 2004 and has become a trusted source of expertise for the TWSBI Eco UK enthusiasts continue to rely on.

Included in the box is a special tool which allows complete disassembly of the pen.

Additional Information: TWSBI ECO TRANSPARENT BLUE Fountain Pen Length (pen only): 131.5mm Length (capped): 139mm Length (posted): 162mm Diameter (barrel): 12.8mm Diameter (section mid-point): 10mm Weight (complete, empty): 21g Weight (pen only, empty): 13g Weight (cap): 8g Ink: Twist plunger for bottled ink - 2ml reservoir Nib: Steel available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub 1.1.