TWSBI ECO Jade Fountain Pen

TWSBI ECO Jade Fountain Pen Open
TWSBI ECO Jade Fountain Pen Closed
TWSBI ECO Jade Fountain Pen Open



TWSBI ECO Jade Fountain Pen – Pre Order NOW, deliver from the 6th.

The TWSBI ECO Jade Fountain Pen is a transparent piston filling fountain pen, so it uses only bottled ink. The sophisticated but affordable TWSBI Eco fountain pen, has a transparent barrel which  gives you a view into the ink reservoir, making it easy to fill, know when you are low and also to see your chosen ink colour, whether you match the Jade or go for classic black.

The Jade Fountain Pen’s styling is still as admirably simple as the original elegant TWSBI ECO, but now we have another colour to choose from, it features a Jade cap and knob, it’s light, easy to hold, storable and glides effortlessly across the page.

Is available from extra fine to 1.1 stub nib. You will enjoy the top quality German iridium tipped nib from JOWO.

Length (pen only): 131.5mm Length (capped): 139mm Length (posted): 162mm Diameter (barrel): 12.8mm Diameter (section mid-point): 10mm Weight (complete, empty): 21g Weight (pen only, empty): 13g Weight (cap): 8g Ink: Twist plunger for bottled ink - 2ml reservoir Nib: Steel available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub 1.1.