TWSBI ECO Creme RG Fountain Pen

TWSBI ECO RG Creme Open Fountain Pen
TWSBI ECO RG Creme Fountain Pen
TWSBI ECO RG Creme Open Fountain Pen



TWSBI ECO Creme RG Fountain Pen


This TWSBI fountain pen comes in a cream colour, which you can see on the cap and barrel knob, the rest as usual with TWSBI Eco’s is transparent. This limited edition has a lovely rose gold trim, which is displayed on the nib, clip and rings.

The clear barrel reveals the filling mechanism, allowing the user to know when to replenish the ink supply.  This feature is a practical, modern in design with a built-in piston-filler. There is a rubber o-ring on the cap thread which ensures an airtight seal to prevent ink drying out in the pen when not in use.  It also enables to writer to be confident that the cap is firmly attached to the pen.  The pen’s cap is shaped so that it will not roll if left on a desk.

The red and white TWSBI logo nicely finishes the top of the pen’s cap. The fountain pen’s bronze-coloured steel nib is engraved with TWSBI logo and branding. It is available in nib sizes extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub.

This pen comes in its own gift-box making it a perfect inexpensive gift.

Like all TWSBI fountain pens we stock, this pen can be entirely disassembled for the purposes of cleaning and servicing. Instructions and necessary tools are supplied with each pen. However, the disassembly feature is only there for experienced users and is not necessary for normal use. Disassembly is at your own risk!


Item Material - Plastic
Nib Material - Steel
Nib Size - Broad, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Stub
Packaging - Gift boxed
Note: piston-filler pens cannot use cartridges.