TWSBI ECO Cement Grey

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TWSBI ECO Cement Grey-11488


TWSBI ECO Cement Grey – A classic piston filling fountain pen.

Fortunately, the TWSBI ECO Cement Grey is made of plastic.  I’m aware that pens have been made of stone – marble and, recently Lapis Lazulli spring to mind, and I’ve a sneaky feeling that there is a concrete pen somewhere in pendom.  Concrete does polish up impressively, but may be a bit cold to the touch.

Anyway, the TWSBI ECO Cement Grey is a well made pen, with lots of nib options and will please anyone who likes a bluey-grey pen – it really is rather a nice colour.

Everybody at least likes the Eco, and many love it! Available with free and fast UK delivery. You can also visit our shop on the High St. in Shrewsbury.

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TWSBI ECO Cement Grey Dimensions: Weight (Empty) 20.83 gm Weight (Cap) 8.65 gm Weight (pen) 12.18 gm Length (Capped) 13.9 cm Length (Open) 13.3 cm