TWSBI Diamond 580 RBT Fountain Pen



The TWSBI Diamond 580 RBT has the same diamond faceted barrel (designed to prevent rolling), nib and mechanism as the original Diamond 580 but with the added bonus of two colours on either end, red and blue. Hence the name RBT. The transparent barrel TWSBI are know for it still present revealing the piston filling mechanism inside.

Has the same nib sizes of extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub 1.1mm.

TWSBI Diamond 580 RBT fountain pen

Length (capped): 143mm Length (uncapped): 130mm Length (posted): 176mm

Diameter (cap): 15mm Diameter (barrel): 13mm Diameter (grip): 10mm

Weight (capped, empty): 27g Weight (uncapped, empty): 14g Weight (cap): 13g

Refill: Twist-action plunger, holding ~3ml ink.