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The TWSBI Diamond 580 fountain pen features a transparent barrel that reveals the filling mechanism - a built-in piston filler that benefits from an addictively smooth action.

The TWSBI Diamond 580’s piston filler holds an incredible amount of ink - roughly 30% more than the 530 version, according to TWSBI, and with a transparent barrel enabling you to see the ink level, you’ll never be caught short. The clear body and effortlessly elegant design results in a fountain pen that exudes class and looks as though it’s as light as a feather. It’s practical, too.

Pen enthusiasts will know how frustrating it is when your favourite fountain pen inadvertently rolls off the desk and suffers a sizeable fall. With the TWSBI Diamond 580, you’ll have no such worry, thanks to a diamond-faceted barrel that prevents roll. Even if you leave the TWSBI Diamond 580 uncapped on the desk, the superbly designed barrel will ensure it doesn’t move an inch.

The TWSBI Diamond 580 features a polished steel nib, unmistakable TWSBI branding and logo, and is available in a wide range of nib sizes. Whatever your intended use or application, there’ll be a TWSBI Diamond 580 for you, with nib sizes of extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub 1.1mm available.

Details: TWSBI Diamond 580 fountaon pen

Length (capped): 143mm
Length (uncapped): 130mm
Length (posted): 176mm

Diameter (cap): 15mm
Diameter (barrel): 13mm
Diameter (grip): 10mm

Weight (capped, empty): 27g
Weight (uncapped, empty): 14g
Weight (cap): 13g

Refill: Twist-action plunger, holding ~3ml ink.