TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR Black Fountain Pen

TWSBI 580 AL R Black Open
TWSBI 580 ALR Black Fountain Pen
TWSBI 580 AL R Black Closed
TWSBI 580 AL R Black Open
TWSBI 580 ALR Black Fountain Pen



TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR Black Fountain Pen


The TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR is a fantastic inexpensive fountain pen range. The modern design for this transparent piston filler is well known and reliable.  As with all of TWSBI’s special editions the section, ring cap and plunger all match TWSBI’s latest colour release, this time it is in a striking matte Black. The silver trim found on the rings, nib and clip compliments beautifully with the black making it look monochrome at first glance.

With the piston mechanism there is no limit to ink colour choices. Either choose a dark colour to match or go with something bright in contrast. TWSBI have a range of nib sizes, the ALR is available in extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub 1.1.

Created in Taiwan, TWSBI design their pens by using traditional fountain pen mechanisms with a modern twist. Their goal to bring life back into traditional fountain pens, while incorporating modern elements that can be used and appreciated even in todays society. A feat, in which there is no doubt they have successfully managed.

The Diamond 580 ARL comes with a small bottle of grease and a spanner to undo all detachable parts which is useful for a thorough clean, however a word of warning, they are very difficult to fit back together once taken apart..


Length Capped - 143mm

Length - 131mm

Length Posted - 179mm

Diameter Cap - 15mm

Diameter Barrel - 13mm

Diameter Section - 9.5mm

Weight Capped, empty - 30g

Weight Cap - 13g

Refill - Bottled ink, using screw-action plunger, up to 2.5ml capacity