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NEW for July 2018
The new TWSBI 580 AL R Nickel Grey fountain pen is another exceptional demonstrator from the makers of the most exceptional demonstrators.

The main difference between the new TWSBI 580AL R Nickel Grey fountain pen and its predecessors is the ruthenium trim that replaces the 580AL's chrome, giving a sophisticated matt appearance to the pen (though it does retain the sprung chrome clip). In another departure from previous pens in this family, the TWSBI 580AL R fountain pens have a series of annular rings on the cap finial, and on the section to improve grip.

As with previous "Diamond" 580 pens, the TWSBI Diamond 580AL R Nickel Grey has a faceted barrel that helps to stop it rolling away when put down on the desk, and with the completely transparent cap and barrel, all the internal structure of the pen is visible, including the pump-action filler. The transparent barrel also allows you to tell how much ink is left in the reservoir, which is as large as we have come to expect in TWSBI's fine writing instruments. The lower end of the barrel, just above the screw-thread, features a soft plastic O-ring that forms an air-tight seal to keep the nib and section moist when not in use.

The cap of the TWSBI Diamond 580AL R Nickel Grey fountain pen is a screw fit (as with all TWSBIs) that takes only 1¼ turns to remove, so the pen is quickly available, and is is of cap-over-pen format so that there isn't a large step down from the barrel to the section.

The TWSBI 580ALR Nickel Grey fountain pen is fitted with the beautiful Jowo polished steel nib engraved with TWSBI logo and branding, available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and (at a slight extra cost) a 1.1mm Stub.

Write Here are pleased to be able to offer the TWSBI Diamond 580AL R Nickel Grey fountain pen for sale online from July 16th, 2018. You can pre-order NOW!

Details: TWSBI 580AL R Nickel Grey Fountain pen

Length (Capped): 143mm
Length (Uncapped): 131mm
Length (Posted): 179mm

Diameter (Cap Band): 15mm
Diameter (Barrel): 13mm
Diameter (Section): 9.5mm

Weight (Capped, empty): 30g
Weight (Uncapped, empty): 17g
Weight (Cap): 13g

Refill: Bottled ink, using screw-action plunger, up to ~2.5ml capacity.