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TWSBI 580 Al Punch Pink

Available To Order NOW, shipping 15TH SEPTEMBER!i

After the subdued and tasteful hues of the Cement Grey Eco, they hit us with the TWSBI 580 Al Punch Pink .  Another great edition of our favourite quality piston filler at a price that still surprises - nicely.

Joining a list of classics, the TWSBI 580 Al Punch Pink features the same qualities of all 580s, it floats into view like a butterfly, and stings the senses like a bee.  It's as attractive as a seaside puppet show, but will continue to satisfy long beyond the disappearance of a string of sausages.  I'm mixing my metaphors a bit here, but it is, in pen terms, Mr The Greatest!

I've actually no idea why it's Punch Pink - any ideas?

TWSBI 580 Al Punch Pink

Length (Capped): 143mm
Length (Uncapped): 131mm
Length (Posted): 179mm

Diameter (Cap Band): 15mm
Diameter (Barrel): 13mm
Diameter (Section): 9.5mm

Weight (Capped, empty): 30g
Weight (Uncapped, empty): 17g
Weight (Cap): 13g

Refill: Bottled ink, using screw-action plunger, up to ~2.5ml capacity.