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TWSBI 580 AL Prussian Blue

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TWSBI 580 AL Prussian Blue, a new colour for this redoubtable series of pens.

This pen will arrive at the end of May, and is available for pre-order

The TWSBI 580 AL Prussian Blue is both stable and reliable as a fountain pen.  With TWSBI's excellent piston filling system, easily replaceable nib and stunning colour,  it's a must for any pen lover.

Taking it's name from the first synthetically produced blue - a happy accident in 1702 for a man called Diesbach when he contaminated a batch of red paint made from cochineal.  It became a staple for painters, used by Hokusai in "The Great Wave" and Van Gogh in Starry Night". You might think about pairing your new TWSBI 580 Prussian Blue with Diamine's Prussian Blue!

TWSBI 580 AL Prussian Blue
Length (Capped): 143mm
Length (Uncapped): 131mm
Length (Posted): 179mm

Diameter (Cap Band): 15mm
Diameter (Barrel): 13mm
Diameter (Section): 9.5mm

Weight (Capped, empty): 30g
Weight (Uncapped, empty): 17g
Weight (Cap): 13g

Refill: Bottled ink, using screw-action plunger, up to ~2.5ml capacity.