Traveler’s Company Passport Size Starter Pack

Traveler's Company notebook Brown
Travellers Starter kit Passport Size Leather Covers
Traveler's Company notebook Brown



Traveler’s Company Passport Size Starter Pack

Traveler’s Company Passport Size Starter Pack contains TRAVELER’S passport size pocket notebook has a leather cover that develops character over time. The cow leather cover is made in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the notebook refills are made in Japan using Designphil’s original paper. The easy to use refills are simply attached to the cover, and offer lots of ways to record and plan your travels, whether you want lines, grids, diary templates, watercolour paper and so much more.

You can start using the notebook as is, but by adding a zipper case or a pen holder, you can increase its storage capacity. If you add a connecting band, then you can even increase the number of notebook refills that go inside the notebook.
The structure of the notebook is simple, so it’s easy to add charms and beads on to the rubber band. It’s recommend adding used post stamps on the cover of the notebook as you can customize it freely, and the longer you use it, the more the taste and texture of the leather deepens, making carrying it around fun.

Traveler’s Company is part of the Japanese stationery company Midori, famous for the unmatched quality of their products and you can now buy your Traveler’s Company products in our shop on the High St in Shrewsbury where you can try this pocket notebook in person.

  - High Quality Leather Notebook Cover In Black, Brown, Camel, and Blue - Midori Lined Notebook - Cotton Case - Spare Elastic Band


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