Tom’s Studio Lumos Pro Duo



Tom’s Studio The Lumos Pro Duo 

Tom’s Studio is a British Based company focused on delivering high quality and sustainable products that fight against the disposable culture of the classic fineliner pen that will ultimately end up in landfill. Starting out in 2016, Tom’s Studio has been growing and increasing it’s range ever since.

The Lumos Pro Duo is a refillable multi-tip brush and fineliner pen which is double ended meaning you have two different pens in the same body. The Duo is made from high quality solid aluminium which is designed to stand the test of time. This material also means its infinitely refillable and with Tom’s Studio’s vast range of writing tip choices gives the owner countless possibilities of ink colours and styles for you to use. The reservoir is easy to fill with any fountain pen ink and the pen also comes with a silicone grip to aid you to change the Japanese made writing tip.

The Lumos Pro Duo is available in Matte Black, Rose Gold Sage, Ivy and Lilac.

L 155mm x D 9.5mm Weight - 21g Includes sample bottle of Tom's Studio Deep Black Ink Includes 9 professional artist tips and 2 writing tips. Includes Silicone Tip Grip