Scrittura Bolognese Piuma

Scribo Altrove Fountain Pen
Scribo Piuma Utopia Fountain Pen
Scribo Altrove Fountain Pen


Scritturio Bolognese Piuma

Comes in a range of colours:
Lieve – Grigio  (no longer available) / Utopia – Blue / Ratio – Burgundy / Altrove – Purple (no longer available)

And now in two new colours! Levante (orange) and Impressione (green with orange streaks). 

Cap, barrel, knob and nib-holder handmade in natural resin, in it’s oval shape and two facets design. Has a metal clip and components with platinum trim. Comes with an exclusive SCRIBO nib made in 18kt gold or in Flexible 14kt gold, available sizes for 18kt nib: Extra Extra Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, BBB and 1,4 mm Stub. And for 14kt Flex nib: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.
The Scribo Piuma has an ebonite feed with a ø 6,50

Limited production of 219 pieces per colour

Scrittura Bolognese Piuma

Weight: Total 29.3g

Cap 10.6g

Body 18.6g

Length: Capped 14.5cm

Open 13.5cm

Posted 17.5cm


Cartridge/converter ink filling system

Collection packaging made in natural leather and cotton