Scribo La Dotta Travertino Fountain Pen

Scribo La Dotta Travertino Open
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Scribo La Dotta Travertino Fountain Pen


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Travertine is a form of limestone much appreciated by interior decorations and bathroom designers. In the Apennine Hills south of Bologna in the Labante area of National importance a series of cliffs, caves, waterfalls and springs form a striking landscape.  The colours and textures form the inspiration for this version of the latest La Dotta series.

The SCRIBO La Dotta celebrates Bologna and the Metropolitan area surrounding it.  It means “The Learned,” one of several nicknames for Bologna, referring to the City’s University – the oldest in Europe.

The pens use a piston filling mechanism.  The 18ct and 14ct flex nibs sit on an ebonite feed.  For the first time Scribo are making this model with a “Corten” PVD metal finish. The resin for the pen is multi-coloured to reflect the idyllic surroundings around the travertine caves of Labante, situated in the countryside between Bologna and Florence.

The rounded shape of the pen provides a comfortable feel for any writer and the Scribo nibs offer a fantastic writing experience that, as you will know, we speak very highly of.

Each of these pens are beautifully handmade in Bologna with an incredibly high level of detail and only 119 of each of these pens will be produced.

Length - 148mm

Diameter -17mm

Nib material  - Choice of 18ct or 14ct flexible gold

Filling mechanism - Piston with Ebonite feeder

Material - resin

Ink capacity - 1.42ml

Packaging - Natural leather and cotton