Scribo La Dotta Ai Colli

Scribo Fountain Pen - Ai Colli Green Open
Scribo Fountain Pen - Ai Colli Green
Scribo Fountain Pen - Ai Colli Green Open



Scribo La Dotta Ai Colli

Scrittura Bolognese or “Scribo” is based in Bologna, and to pay homage their home city they have released La Dotta.  It is a piston filling pen sharing the gentle curves of the “Feel”, but round rather than faceted.

Bologna is the first city to have a university in the Western world, founded in the late 11th century. With students coming from all over Europe to listen to the most enlightening minds of the time talking about brand new theories and ideas, the city soon became known by the locals as “La Dotta” (the Learned), a center of cultural excellence that still attracts students from all over the world who continue, generation after generation, to live the city and to bring it to life. For this reason, for centuries, Bologna has been an open and welcoming place.

Ai Colli, with its mother-of-pearl green, reflects the beautiful landscape of the hills surrounding Bologna from the south, reminiscent of their gentle lines and curves and the bright green emerging behind the red of the city roofs.


Length - 148 mm

Maximum diameter - 16,75 mm

Ebonite feeder ø 6,50 with 2 capillaries

Piston Filler

Loading capacity - 1.42 ml

Collection packaging made in natural leather and cotton

Limited production of 219 pieces per colour