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Scrittura Bolognese introduce the SCRIBO Feel Grigio Giorno, the grey of dawn being awakened with the gold of sunrise.  Created in Italy by Bologna pen specialists, Scrittura Bolognese, They will be available WEEK COMMENCING 9TH DECEMBER.

The SCRIBO Feel Grigio Giorno is a wonderfully tactile fountain pen that combines a fantastic dodecahedral design covering the barrel and cap that feels fantastic in the hand with the classic OMAS 81 nib & ebonite feeder system that enhances the sensation of writing.

Coming in a Mother of Pearl grey resin the SCRIBO Feel Grigio Giorno has a refined light-yellow gold trim that contrasts with the grey to give light to the pen. At a distance the pen looks like any other but when you examine it closer the 12 sided design becomes much more pronounced playing with reflected light especially when rotated.

The Nib comes as either 14k (Extra Flessible) or 18k gold with the sizes being Extra Fine, Fine, Medium or Broad.

Comes with a handcrafted leather and cotton 2 pen holding pouch to keep your pen safe.

Weight total; 37.4g

Weight Barrel; 20.1g

Weight cap; 17.3g

Length capped; 159mm

Length uncapped; 134mm

Max width; 17mm