Scribo Feel Fiorita


Scribo Feel Fiorita

The Scribo Feel Fiorita is a stunningly designed piston filling fountain pen, boasting the best gold nibs available,  The Fiorita resin is a mixture of deep greens and purples.

In lte Spring and early Summer, the monotony of the countryside near the “Sibillini mountains” between Marche and Umbria in Central Italy, is enlivened by a riot of colours which fill the eyes and heart..

The highland in fact changes face and turns into a riot of colorful shades, thanks to the spectacle of nature called “La Fiorita” of Castelluccio di Norcia.

FEEL Fiorita is therefore a fusion of sober and biting colors, where the chiaroscuro of the green of the meadows meets the chiaroscuro of the purple of the flowers.

With only 219 handcrafted pieces, FEEL Fiorita is enriched by platinum trim.

The nib is again the main player of this writing instrument collection, available in 18-carat gold with Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, triple Broad and 1,4 mm. Stub writing.

The 14-carat gold Flexible nib, available in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad is the SCRIBO cornerstone.

The perfect match for our historic nib is undoubtedly the ebonite feeder, which enhances the always ready, generous, soft and precise writing, thanks to the use of the classic piston filling system.

FEEL Fiorita is also accompanied by a genuine handmade leather and cotton soft pouch created to protect two precious writing instruments. In the side pocket you will find a cloth to keep your fountain pen clean. A precious and modern packaging that allows you to take along your favorite writing instruments wherever you go.

FEEL is an invitation to live with a unique writing experience of the highest quality; it is an incitement to seek everyone’sown writing style. Feel is a tribute to the aesthetics of handwriting and the pleasure of writing.

Feel the writing. FEEL.

Scribo Feel Fiorita


Weight total; 37.4g
Weight Barrel; 20.1g
Weight cap; 17.3g
Length capped; 159mm
Length uncapped; 134mm
Max width; 17mm
Filling System: Differential Piston