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Sailor Tamenuri Limited Edition KOP

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To create the Sailor Tamenuri Limited Edition KOP, renowned Maki-e artist Mr Koushu Nishihara uses the eponymous lacquering technique whereby a translucent layer of Suki-Urushi overlays a base layer fo deep red Urushi.  It has a uniquely deep patina and, over time, will lighten from near balck to a lustrous red.

Mr Nishihara has signed and numbered each of the 50 pens produced.

This is a desk pen with no clip, and features the magnificent King of Pen 21ct gold nib.

Due in May, we'd suggest that, if you would like one, contact us at once to reserve it.

The Sailor King of Pen is one of the great pens still in production. This magnificent Limited Edition pen is a must for collectors.

Urushi Lacquer Artist
Koushu Nishihara

Mr. Koushu Nishihara was born into a family of 'Butsudan' MAKI-E artists in Hiroshima Japan, and he has lived with, and worked in the traditional Japanese Art of MAKI-E design all of his life. 
During his training in the Wajima Urushi Lacquer Institute of Art in Ishikawa, he has mastered the traditional Japanese Urushi Lacquer Art from the famous master Mr. Masato Ikawa and Mr. Chokou Watabe.
Mr. Nishihara who resides in the Hiroshima region of Japan started working with MAKI-E designs on Sailor’s fountain pens in 2002. He maintains the Japanese traditional techniques and yet he does not hesitate where necessary to bring new youthful ideas into the art of MAKI-E. 
Many of his original and imaginative works of Art are exhibited in Traditional Urushi Lacquer Art shows in Japan and several other private exhibitions.