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Summer has arrived -the fireflies are in evidence in the bushes and the night sky is decorated with Stars and constellations. Aquila, Cygnus and Lyra are now all overhead in the mid-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

The Summer Triangle is an asterism formed from the imaginary triangle connecting the three brightest stars (Vega, Altair and Deneb) in the three of the main constellations of this Season. It has inspired many legends throughout history and in Japan the festival of Tanabata is celebrated annually in mid-Summer. Originating from a Chinese legend of the Princess (who has excellent weaving skills) and the Cowherd, the story tells of the couple falling in love and marrying. Once they are married, the princess stops producing her cloth and the cowherd stops herding his cows. Her father the King banished the couple to opposite sides of a great river (the Milky Way). He then relents and allows them to meet but there is no bridge. According to legend a flock of Magpies created a bridge for them to cross the river and they meet up on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of July. The Princess is represented by Vega and Altair is the cowherd. The star Deneb forms the bridge allowing the two to ‘meet’ across the Milky Way 'river'

Vega- in the constellation of Lyra (also known as the magic Harp given to Orpheus by Mercury) is a blue-white class A0 star about 26 light years distant. It is the 5th brightest star in the Skies at night.

Altair- in the Aquila constellation (also known as the Eagle belonging to Zeus as far back as 1200BC) is a class A7 blue-white star about 126 light years away.

Deneb –in the constellation of Cygnus –the Swan (mythology suggests that Orpheus was changed into a Swan upon his death and placed beside his magic harp (Lyra) in the sky. Deneb is a blue -white supergiant class A2 star which is 1660 light years away and is 70,000 times brighter than our sun and 25 times the mass.

Limited edition of 28 pieces

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Measurements: Sailor Summer Under The Stars Fountain Pen

Length (pen only): 131mm
Length (capped): 154mm
Length (posted): 167mm

Diameter (cap): 17mm
Diameter (barrel): 14mm
Diameter (section): 12mm

Weight (complete, empty): 33g
Weight (pen, empty): 22g
Weight (cap): 11g

Refill (cartridges): Sailor Jentle ink cartridges, available from Write Here (2 blue cartridges included)
Refill (ink): Sailor Jentle 50ml bottled ink, using plunger-filler converter. (included, as is 1 bottle black ink)