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The Sailor Shkiori Brush Pen is a set of 20 pens in the colours of Sailor's Shikiori Fountain Pen inks.  The pens use water based inks.

The feature a smooth brush at one end and a fine tip at the other, giving great variety of line width.  The caps feature a stop to prevent the pens rolling of your desk.

The key to the Sailor Shkiori Brush Pen is the range of colours, based opn the changing colours over the course of the four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, a perpetual theme for Japanese art.  The subtle shades have wonderful names:

Sakura-Mori - Cheery Blossom
Fuji-Sugate - Purple Wisteria
Okuyama - Remote Mountain
Souten - Azure Sky
Tokiwa-Matsu - Pine
Waka-Uguisi - Green Brown
Nioi-Sumire - Sweet Violet
Douyou - Midsummer Nght
Kin-Mokusei - Osmanthus Orange
Shimoyo - Frosty Night
Yuki-Akari - Snow Blue
Iriori - Fire Hearth Red
Yamadori - Copper Pheasant
Yozakura - Evening Cherry Blossom
Miruai - Seaweed Indigo
Yonaga - Long Autumn Niught
Yodaki - Summer Night Bonfire
Chusu - Mid Autumn Grey
Rikyucha - Tea Green Brown
Shigure - Rain Showers

The colours are faithful representations of the ink colours but will not shade as much as the inks.

Sailor Shkiori Brush Pen - Dimensions

Weight: 9.8 gm
Length (Capped) 15.3cm
Length (Uncapped) 14.4cm

Pack weight 198gm