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Ironwood Ironwood

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The Sailor Precious Wood Ironwood Tagayasan Fountain Pen is one of six pens currently produced by Sailor that have caps and barrels made from turned and polished close-grained woods that produce a warm and smooth feel in the hand whilst retaining an element of texture.

This Sailor pen takes its name from the Tagayasan (鉄刀木) or "Iron Sword" tree. Mesua ferria, or "Sri Lankan Ironwood" is extremely hard, and extremely dense, and extremely heavy (around 1,122 grams per cubic metre) and this toughness means that it is very popular for bokken - practice swords made in Japan - as well as fountain pens.

The gold-plated trim of the Sailor Ironwood Tagayasan fountain pen is subtle, to allow the texture and pattern of the wood to take precedence. The section is in polished black lacquer to make the writing process even smoother, and this luxury writing implement is enhanced by Sailor's gorgeous 14 carat nib, available in Fine only. The pen will accept cartridges, or bottled ink using the supplied converter.

We at Write Here are pleased to make the Sailor Precious Wood Ironwood Tagayasan fountain pen available to order and to buy online, or from our shop in the High Street in Shrewsbury.


Note that several Asian species of "Ironwood" trees are endangered, and are CITES-listed so that harvesting and exporting them is illegal. Be assured that this pen is made from a farmed and renewable ironwood.

Weights & Measures:- Sailor Precious Wood Ironwood Tagayasan Fountain Pen

Capped: 129.5mm
Pen Only: 96.5mm
Posted: 150mm (Note: Post with care!)

Cap: 15mm
Barrel: 13mm
Section: 10mm

Weights: (Empty)
Complete: 19.6g

Ink Capacity:
Cartridge: 0.9ml
Converter: 0.5ml

Cap Closure: Snap