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The Sailor PG Slim Negroni

The Sailor PG Slim Negroni - the very name summons up the best in writing - and cocktails. 

The bewitching mixture of gin, vermouth and Campari delights the tastebuds and the eye - a deep orancge colour reflected in the pen.  The  hand will always be pleased by the PG Slim - a small but perfectly formed fountain pen with a range of nibs  calculated to bring the the best out of your writing.

The translucent material is sophisticated and slightly mysterious.  With the choice of Sailor cartridges or converter, which is provided there is no limit to the range of colours of ink you can use, from the satisfying deep black of Sailor Kiwi Guro Pigment ink to the subtle, naturally inspired Shikiori inks.  With the choice of fine, medium and broad nibs (a little finer than the European equivalen) or the special Music and Zoom nibs it will satisfy the most demanding writer!

All considered, it is a delight for lovers of the best the world has to offer.

Sailor PG Slim Negroni


Length (pen): 111mm
Length (capped): 124mm
Length (posted): 143mm

Diameter (cap band): 14.5mm
Diameter (barrel): 12mm
Diameter (section): 9.5mm

Note that these weights are for the empty pen without cartridge or converter.
Weight (complete): 16g
Weight (pen): 9g
Weight (cap): 7g

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