Sailor KOP Ebonite Kouen



Sailor KOP Ebonite Kouen

Created from laminated ebonite, the pattern of this pen is inspired by flame in the darkness of a winters night.this unique fountain pen was inspired by a flame in the winter darkness.  The natural warmth of ebonite will add to your pleasure, but it is the magnificent Naginata-Togi nib, created by Sailor’s artisans, that will complete it.

It is a numbered edition of 400 pens.

Available from the end of January 2021, these unique and beautiful pens will be in great demand.

Sailor KOP Ebonite Kouen


Nib: 21ct Bi-colour Naginata Togi

Material Laminated Ebonite

Length 15.2cm
Diameter 2cm

Weight 36.2gm

*Ebonite is a natural material and therefore very occasionally foreign substances and/ or pin holes may be observed. This is part of the
character of the material and should not be regarded as a defect.