Sailor King of Pen Iro-Miyabi



Sailor King of Pen Iro-Miyabi

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Ishime Nuri is a lacquering technique that enables the surface of the lacquer to appear roughened to give the appearance and texture of stones.   As with all urushi lacquering techniques it is hugely time consuming – it takes several months for the lacquer to dry, and the effect is acheive by repeatedly coating the pen with other different kinds of lacquer to create a masterpiece –  made with much care.

Based on the classic ebonite King of pen, the Sailor King of Pen Iro-Miyabi manages to improve on perfection.  The 21ct bicolour nib offers a superb writing experience.  The pen’s inherent balance makes this substantial pen a joy to use.

We have secured 4 of these pens, one of each colour.  If you would like to reserve one, please contact us.

Sailor King of Pen Iro-Miyabi Dimensions Length (pen only): 131mm Length (capped): 154mm Length (posted): 167mm Diameter (cap): 17mm Diameter (barrel): 14mm Diameter (section): 12mm Weight (complete, empty): 33g Weight (pen, empty): 22g Weight (cap): 11g Cartridge Converter