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The Sailor Hi Ace Calligraphy Pen is available with 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.00mm italic nibs.  The body is made of clear plastic and the cap is blue aluminium.  The steel nib sits on a clear plastic feed.

The pen is light and easy to use.  It is supplied woith three cartridges and an introductory leaflet to calligraphy.

The nib tends towards being a "formal" italic - that is, it gives a very clear  distinction between the thin and thick lines, but demands that it is held at the correct angle to the page - a valuable discipline.

The Sailor Hi Ace Calligraphy Fountain Pen will accept the sailor standard converter, which is not supplied.

We tend to go for Sailor's more expensive offerings, but this inexpensive Calligraphy pen is well worth out consideration.

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