Sailor Asa-Tsuyu Fountain Pen

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The Sailor Asa-Tsuyu Fountain Pen is a beautiful example of Urushi-e ( 漆絵 ), a style of Japanese painting using clear lacquers of different shades, in a lengthy and painstaking process that involves building up many coatings of transparent colour. This produces a wonderful appearance of depth that makes this pen a joy to look at, and the craftsmanship and artistry involved in the process means that this is a truly luxurious writing implement.

As it is based on the ebonite Sailor King of Pen, the Sailor Asa-Tsuyu fountain pen is large, and quite considerable to hold. This is a limited edition pen created by the great Urushi-e artist Kurotobi-san, depicting the colours of early-morning dew in a forest.. Only 33 will be made.

Although our picture shows the pen with the cap posted, this is just so that we can show you the beautiful nib – we would not really recommend doing this, to avoid damaging the finish of the barrel.

The Sailor Asa-Tsuyu fountain pen is fitted with one of Sailor’s beautiful 21 carat gold nibs – in this case, rhodium-coated in Medium or Broad.

Measurements: Sailor Asa-Tsuyu Fountain Pen

Length (pen only): 131mm Length (capped): 154mm Length (posted): 167mm

Diameter (cap): 17mm Diameter (barrel): 14mm Diameter (section): 12mm

Weight (complete, empty): 33g Weight (pen, empty): 22g Weight (cap): 11g

Refill (cartridges): Sailor Jentle ink cartridges, available from Write Here Refill (ink): Sailor Jentle 50ml bottled ink, using plunger-filler converter. (included)