Sailor Anniversary Shirodane



Sailor Anniversary Shirodane

Sailor will celebrate its 110th anniversary since its founding in 1911 in on May 27th 2021.  They have created a special Anniversary pen to commemorate this occasion..

Only 1100 pieces will be available worldwide. of the Sailor 110th Anniversary Sirogane is a limited edition, It is a cylindircal shape, and does not have a clip.  The Sailor Anniversary Shirodane has the new Sailor logo imprinted beneath a glass capsule on the cap.

The word sterling comes from the British silver currency called sterling pound, which means reliable and genuine.

Around the there are  myths and legends about silver, a material which has been passed down for generations and used inan enduring since ancient times. Sailor’s anchor, symbolizes trust and hope and security.  We have used Sterling Silver for the barrel because of itys enduring nature. As a material that gains in brilliance and value through daily use, it is perfect tool for daily use. The Silver in Shirogane creates a dignity and beauty and it will surely become an instrument that delivers a “light of hope” to illuminate the future.

The Shirogane fountain pen is available with a Medium-Fine 21K nib.  We understand that the nib is flexible and will give line variation with pressure, and will maintain a constant ink flow even under pressure.  The nib has a unique “110th” imprint to mark the anniversary

The pen comes in a box made of Japanese chestnut wood.and has a pen sheath made of hemp, which will gain softness and lustre as it ages.

Sailor Anniversary Shirodane