Sailor Anniversary Kurogane

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Sailor Anniversary Kurogane – Limited edition 

On May 27th 2021 Sailor celebrated its 110th Anniversary since its foundation in 1911, and has developed a special collection of pens to commemorate this.

Only 1100 pieces will be available worldwide of the Kurogane, a delightful and distinctive pen.

A new technology of electrolytic coloration enables deep black coloration.  It maintains the metallic feel. Unlike plating or painting, this grows a very thin black oxide film on the surface of the material , and using light interference (not entirly sure what this is) to create the colour.  There is no risk of peeling off. The coloration technology is an integral part of the genuinely black material giving it excellent durability and weather resistance.

While retaining the original feel of the metal material, the “unfading black” of the Sailor Anniversary Kurogane that is the result of mastering dignity, functionality, and design raises the status and prestige of the pen and provides you with an uplifting experience. It is a supreme masterpiece brought about by the daring spirit of challenge that always aims for the highest level, fusing reliable technique backed by tradition with new techniques that are actively adopted.

The fountain pen is available with a Fine or Medium size 21K nib, which we understand is flexible.

The pen comes in a box made of Japanese chestnut wood.

Sailor Anniversary Kurogane Weight:                      75g Weight - Pen only      42g Length capped           16.5cm Length - pen only        14.3cm A steel pen with an electrolytic deep black coating. 21ct gold flexible nib in F, MF, M and B