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The 1911 Maki-e range are beautiful to look at and to use, and the Sailor 1911 Maki-e Fuji Black Fountain Pen is no exception. The Maki-e ( 蒔絵 ) process is a painstaking work of making a picture by placing tiny flakes of mother-of-pearl, silver, gold, and coloured enamels onto wet lacquer to create a minutely-detailed picture.

The Sailor 1911 Maki-e Fuji Black fountain pen, designed by Maki-e master Kosen Oshita-san, features a gold, silver and lapis representation of the eponymous mountain on the cap, with coastal trees and small Japanese fishing boats in the foreground (that is, on the pen barrel). The accompaniments of the pen are all plated with 14 carat gold, and comprise the usual clip, cap bands and two barrel bands that are customary on the 1911. The wide cap band bears the engraved words "Sailor Japan founded 1911".

The 1911 Maki-e Fuji fountain pen is fitted with Sailor's superb 14 carat nib, and is available in Medium only. The pen will accept cartridges, but is shipped with a plunger converter to use bottled inks.

Weights and measures:- Sailor 1911 Maki-e Fuji Black Fountain Pen

Capped: 135mm
Pen only: 127mm
Posted: 148mm

Cap band: 15mm
Barrel: 12mm
Section: 10mm

Weights (without cartridge of converter)
Complete: 16g
Pen: 10g
Cap: 6g

Ink system: Cartridge / Converter - either Sailor cartridges (also available from Write Here), or bottled ink using the Sailor converter supplied with the pen

Nib: 14 Carat Gold, in Medium