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The Sailor 1911 Large fountain pen is indeed a classic from this much-esteemed Japanese manufacturer of luxury writing instruments - and at a reasonable price.

The '1911' name of this extended family of pens first appeared in 2011, in celebration of the centenary of Sailor's founding, so the Sailor 1911 Classic fountain pen is following a well-established tradition of excellence and quality. The pen has accompaniments in a choice of gold or silver, comprising the beautifully-restrained clip and double cap bands, the larger of which is engraved "Sailor Japan Founded 1911", and slim bands at the section and the base finial of the pen barrel. In a nice touch, the converter that is supplied with the Sailor 1911 Classic is also plated to match the exterior trim.

Sailor's nibs are renowned for their quality, and the 21 carat gold nib on the Sailor 1911 Classic fountain pen is no exception. Like the pens, the nibs are made in Japan. Note that the range of nib sizes available for these pens differs according to the colour and marque of the 1911 Classic you choose. The following table may be of assistance (Note - if you're looking at this table on your 'phone, it might help to rotate the screen to landscape):

Extra Fine Yes Yes      
Fine Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Medium Fine Yes Yes     Yes
Medium Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Broad Yes Yes Yes    
Music Yes Yes      
Zoom Yes Yes      

Write Here are pleased to make the sailor 1911 Large fountain available to buy online, or from our shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury, UK. We endeavour to send orders received before 3.00pm (UK time) by return of post. We also offer free standard postage on all orders over £20.

Weights and measures:- Sailor 1911 Classic Fountain Pen

Lengths: Capped: 140mm Pen only: 127mm Posted: 154mm

Diameters Cap band: 15mm Barrel: 12mm Section: 11mm

Weights 21g

Ink system: Cartridge / Converter - either Sailor cartridges (also available from Write Here), or bottled ink using the Sailor converter supplied with the pen

Nib: 21 Carat Gold, in Medium