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The Sailor 1911 Classic Black Luster Fountain Pen is Sailor's very successful response to the demand for entirely black pens - but the story doesn't end with its appearance.

The looks are, of course, stunning.  The play betwen the black resin and the black appointments - that's all the metal bits - together with the section and the nib is perfect - and the black nib looks amazing.

Looks aren't everything, though, and the metal section (the bit that you hold) adds just a couple of grams to the pens weight, but it's at just the right place to give even better balance and an entirely stress free writing experience.  Placing the additional weight in the section makes a noticeable difference to the heft of the pen.

The only slight downside is that it comes only with the EF, F and M nib (in 21 carat gold): due to the ruthenium coating, it can't be swapped with other Sailor nibs to offer larger sizes.  but, overall, this is a pen that performs as, and looks the part of, a classic.

Measurements: Sailor 1911 Classic Black Luster Fountain Pen

Length (capped): 138mm
Length (pen only): 120mm
Length (posted): 151mm

Diameter (cap band): 14mm
Diameter (barrel):
Diameter (section): 9mm

Weight (complete): 28g (2g heavier than the standard 1911)
Weight (pen): 20g
Weight (cap): 8g

Cartridge/Converter Fill

21K Gold Nib, ruthenium PVD coated.
(Nib Width: 7mm, Nib Length: 22mm
Screw Cap