Platinum #3776 Century Bourgogne Gold Trim Fountain Pen

Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen Bourgogne



Platinum #3776 Century Bourgogne Gold Trim Fountain Pen


Platinum is a Japanese pen company that started business in 1919, and is one of the most famed Japanese pen brands, along with Sailor and Pilot. The #3776 was first designed and released in 1978 as the ‘Ideal Fountain Pen’, 33 years later in 2011 Platinum then released the first full model change of the 3776 to what we know now as the Century. The name 3776 derives from Japan’s sacred and tallest peak, Mount. Fuji, at a height of no surprise 3776 meters.

The Platinum #3776 Century Bourgogne is an ink cartridge or converter (sold separately) fountain pen. This Platinum range has the choice of five stunning colours, some on which have a slight transparent body, section and cap, but all with complimentary gold trim on the clip, 14K Platinum nib and four rings, one which is engraved with the pen name.

This fountain pen has a beautiful transparent red AS resin, with the a classic rounded cap and clip, two slim bands on the top and bottom, and matching the third on the grip section.

Fear not. With this Platinum pen there is no need to worry about your ink drying out or leaking, due to the innovative screw-on cap, that contains a unique ‘slip & seal’ mechanism.

Material - AS Resin

Length - 139.5mm

Max diameter - 15.4mm

Weight - 20.5g

Nib Size - Ultra Extra Fine (UEF)

                 Soft Fine (SF)

                 Coarse / Stub (C)

Nib - 14K (UEF, EF, F, SF, M, B, C)