Pilot Namiki Tanuki

Namiki Yukari Tanuki Fountain Pen Open
Namiki Tanuki
Namiki Tanuki Nib
Namiki Tanuki Box
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Namiki Yukari Tanuki Fountain Pen Open
Namiki Tanuki
Namiki Tanuki Nib
Namiki Tanuki Box

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This cheeky little chap is the Tanuki, a pretty little vixen dog that we frequently find in the form of auspicious figurines at the entrance of the shops in Japan. If you write its name in phonetic characters, it means ‘surpassing others’, which make it a symbol of commercial prosperity.  We should have one in our window….

It is often characterized by 8 attributes, called ‘the 8 blessings’:

  • The straw hat against evil
  • The eyes to recognize a customer’s potential
  • The happy face with the indispensable smile in the business world
  • The rounded belly that evokes safety
  • The sake vial that recalls moderation in behavior
  • The general ledger to balance revenues and expenditures
  • The thick tail that symbolizes stability
  • The bag of gold coins for prosperity

This magnificent Yukari fountain pen is meant to bring happiness and success to its purchasers in this special period. There are 300 pens available worldwide.

The Namiki Yukari Tanuki pen uses the cartridge/converter filling system.

The Namiki Yukari Tanuki was created by the artisans of Kokkokai group in hira & togidashi maki-e, using gold powder.

At the start of the 20th century, a fountain pen utilizing the Japanese traditional art of “Maki-e” was born. The strong and attractive body with a lacquer finish, and the fine and elegant design by the craftsmen are highly acclaimed around the world, and those skills and spirit have been passed down to the world’s most famous name in Maki-e fountain pens: Namiki.

  • Technique: Togidashi Hira Maki-e
  • Article number: FN-LP-TNU
  • Pen type: M
  • Pen nib: size: No.10 (18K)
  • Artisan name: Kokkokai
  • 2021 Limited Edition